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Flexographic Printing Machine

Flexographic Printing Machine
Product Detailed

*Stack type
*Computer control
*Auto. tension
*Auto. edge guide
*Hydraulic lifter for cylinders and helical gear drive.


*Driving motor: 1.5 KW x 1 set

*Auto. edge guide x 1 set

*Magnetic powder brake x 1 set

*Auto. tension controller x 1 set (load cell + tension computer)

*Air shaft x 1 set

*Material break sensor x 1 set


*Driving motor: 2.2 KW x 1 set

*Magnetic powder clutch x 1 set

*Auto. tension controller x 1 set (load cell + tension computer)

*Air shaft x 1 set

Controlling panel

*PLC x 1 set

*Touch screen x 1 set

*1.5 KW inverter x 1 set (for unwind motor)

*2.2 KW inverter x 1 set (for rewind motor)

*5.5 KW inverter x 1 set (for main motor)

*Heating system x 2 full set

Printing part

*Doctor blade x 6 sets

*Air controlling ink pump x 6 sets

*800 DK ceramic Anilox roll x 6 sets

*Open ink tray x 6 sets

*Hydraulic lifter for printing cylinder x 6 sets

*Ink mixing motor 750 W x 1 set

*Hot air drying oven x 6 sets

*Top cold air drying box x 2 sets

*Hot air blower 1.1 KW x 2 sets

*Cold air blower 735 W x 4 sets

*Main motor 5.5 KW x 1 set

*Hydraulic pump x 1 set

Main feature

*Helical gear for driving transmission

*Automatic starting and automatic stopping ink mixing system

*Hydraulic printing cylinder lifting and landing

*Air controlling ink supplying system

*High quality doctor blade system

*High quality ceramic Anilox Roller

*High quality main driving motor

*High quality inverter used to adjust the motor speed

*High quality edge guide on unwind for good color register

*High quality automatic tension controller

*High quality bearings

*Printing on both sides at one time

*Guide rollers made from cast aluminum, processed with oxidizing, dynamic balance treating and static balance treating.

*Separate hot air drying and cold air drying, prevent the ink from sticking

Main specification

*Six colors (6+0, 5+1, 4+2 & 3+3)

*Printing repeat: 4.5" ~40"

*Mechanical speed: 90 meters/minute

*Printing speed: 70 meters/minute

*Color register precision: Longitude +/-0.25 MM Transverse +/-0.25 MM

*Rewind/Unwind material roll diameter: 600 MM

Brand of main parts

Motor: Delta, Taiwan

Inverter: Delta, Taiwan

Bearing: HSK (Japan) and ASNU(Germany)

Hydraulic lifting system: Made in Japan

Edge guide: Made in Taiwan

Magnetic power brake and Clutch: MITSUBISHI, Japan

Automatic tension controller: Made in Japan

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